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07 Aug 2019

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09 Sep 2020

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About Kī-O-Rahi


DESCRIPTION: Kī-o-rahi is a ball sport played in New Zealand with a small round ball called a 'kī'. It is a fast-paced game incorporating skills similar to rugby union, netball and touch. Two teams of 10 players (mixed gender & age) play on a circular field divided into zones, and score points by touching the 'pou' (boundary markers) and hitting a central 'tupu' or target.

The game of Ki o Rahi stems from the legend of Rahitutakahina and Tiarakurapakewai.  It's essential that when learning the game that the purakau or legend is also learnt. 

Not many sports have stories as to how they were created, so this makes the game of Ki o Rahi unique and beautiful. 

The story demonstrates that the sport is much more than a game.  It is a tribute to our ancestors, our language and our culture.

There are many different accounts of the story of Tiara and Rahi, it would be quite handy to try and find that story that relates best to your area of the country, Please look through them all and enjoy their differences.

For a very simple version you can click here.

For an extended version you can click here.

NATIONALS QUALIFICATION: The top two qualifying teams from the Competitive Grade have the opportunity to compete at the NZSSC Ki O Rahi Nationals in 2022

VENUE: Patea Area School

o Arrival from 9am
o Briefing 9:15am (all teams must be present)
o First Games 9:30am
o Event Closure 2pm(approx.)

• Competitive - Mixed Grade (For those teams competing for national’s qualification)
• Social – Mixed


02 Nov 2021

TSSSA Ki o Rahi

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