TSSSA Ki o Rahi

DATE: Tuesday 2nd November

VENUE: TSB Hub, Hawera

o Arrival from 9am
o Briefing 9:15am (all teams must be present)
o First Games 9:30am
o Event Closure 2pm(approx.)

DESCRIPTION: Kī-o-rahi is a ball sport played in New Zealand with a small round ball called a 'kī'. It is a fast-paced game incorporating skills similar to rugby union, netball and touch. Two teams of 10 players (mixed gender & age) play on a circular field divided into zones, and score points by touching the 'pou' (boundary markers) and hitting a central 'tupu' or target.

NATIONALS QUALIFICATION: The top two qualifying teams from the Competitive Grade have the opportunity to compete at the NZSSC Ki O Rahi Nationals in 2022