TSSSA Junior Quick Rip

DATE: Thursday 4th November

VENUE: Inglewood High School

Morning session
9am – Briefing
9:10am – Games Start
11:15am – Games Finish

Afternoon session
12pm – Briefing
12:10pm – Games Start
2:15pm – Games Finish

DESCRIPTION: This is a Quick Rip event for Junior teams only (Year 9 & 10). This tournament is a great opportunity to give rugby a go, with participation being the focus. Teams must supply their own quick rip gear. Contact TRFU if needing to borrow belts or rips.

OFFICIATING: All of the games will be self-officiated so please ensure all players are aware of the rules before the day.

FOOTWEAR: No boots or shoes are to be worn at the tournament; only bare feet are permitted.

TEAM NUMBERS: Teams may have up to 12 players, with 7 on the field at one time.

CATEGORIES: Girls / Boys / Mixed. (Mixed teams must have a minimum of 2 people per gender on the field at all times)